Stocks To Buy In May 2020

Today’s post I am going to give you a list of stocks that other websites are having readers consider investing in. With the stock market still having its moments everyday, I am still going to tell anyone that reads this post that this is a really good time to start investing. Plus, Robinhood has now finally came out with the feature of fractional shares and another tool that lets you automatically reinvest dividends for you. Stop waiting and start now.

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U.S. News take on Disney

As of writing this, the Disney stock is sitting at $105.57 a share. U.S. News wrote an article questioning rather to buy shares by creating a pros and cons list. For pros, the basic summary is that the company literally dominates all parts of entertainments and it would be foolish not to buy while the stock is low. The cons, in short, is that the company is losing billions with closures of theme parks, cruise lines, etc.

3 months ago, the stock was at a high of $144.73 per share and by March 23, it dropped all the way to $85.76 due to COVID-19. That would have been a really good time to buy, but the question is about investing right now. I think that it’s a good time to buy some shares (or fractional shares) and look at this as a long term investment.

Investor’s Stock Picks

When reading the article by, The stocks that they suggested are some that I have already invested in. Microsoft, Apple, and AMD are stocks that you should consider investing in (or investing with fractional shares). I never thought to take a look at PayPal and Adobe which is sitting at $144.96 and $367.51 per share.

In my opinion, you should invest in all 5 stocks mentioned above, but if not then start with Apple (which pays out dividends), Microsoft (which has been known to be a good long term stock to invest in), and so on.

Investopedia’s Stock Picks put out a short list of the fastest growing stocks that someone could consider buying. The first one is Gilead Sciences Inc. This is the pharmaceutical company that is in the race for a COVID-19 drug. That is why the stock went from trading around $60 to $77.49 per share. If successful, this stock will most definitely take off to around the $100 mark.

The next one is Newmont Corp. This company is in the production of gold, sliver, copper, zinc, and lead. In the past month, the stock has went from $57.31 to $64.55 per share. With the price of gold rising, Newmont has benefit from it. I think this is a good stock to think about investing in (I will tomorrow).

The last pick is ServiceNow Inc. This company offers cloud-based services to companies. The has benefited because now with almost everyone having to stay at home, these types of services are most likely something you want as someone trying to run a company at home. The stock has went from $278.06 to $377.26 per share in 1 month. That’s a big jump and just shows that the stock will probably keep climbing just a little bit more.

Nerdwallet’s Stock Picks

instead of me writing about every stock that the website has picked, I will just link it below. They have complied a good list of 20 stocks that you should look at when investing in the month of May. Another tip to point out when investing from reading these articles is to always see the news circulating around these companies. That will ultimately help you to 100% commit or pass.

Here is the link

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