Stocks People Are Buying During Covid-19

Stocks People Are Buying During Covid-19

In today’s post I am going to talk about stocks people Are buying During Covid-19. This information is going to be based on what’s seeming to have a lot of activity in trading. The stats are coming from today April 14, 2020 on Robinhood. They have this awesome section that shows you stocks that are top movers everyday. I’m just going to talk about 5 of them in this post today.

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Anyways, lets begin..

Side Note: Also, everything that I say is based on only opinion and not professional advice

1) Gamestop (GME)

Gamestop is the first on the list because it has had a gain of +27.85% today. I know that the numbers may not seem impressive, but in the past week it has went from $3.36 to $6.06 per share. With everyone staying home, people are still buying games through Gamestop and that is good for investors.

If you are thinking about investing some money into GME I would only say that don’t expect the stock to jump to $20 months from now. The reason I say that is because months earlier there were already talks about how they are going to survive with gamers not buying games from retailers.

9 analyst rating on Robinhood say:

  • 0% say to buy
  • 67% say to hold
  • 33% say to sell

2) Embotelladora Andina (AKO.A)

Embotelladora Andina is a company that engages in producing and disturbing Coca-Cola. I will be honest, I have never heard of this company, but it is the second on the list with gains of +27.74%. Basically the stock has risen from $11.82 to $12.80 (+$2.78) today. Would I tell you to invest in this stock? I would be weary, but you can read this article from the Investor Observer and judge for yourself.

11 analyst rating on Robinhood say:

  • 36.4% say to buy
  • 36.4 say to hold
  • 27.3% say to sell

3) Braskem (BAK)

Braskem is the third on the list with gains of +24.89% today. The stock has climbed from $6.84 to $8.23 (+$1.64). This company manufactures petrochemicals. It is one of the top chemical companies in the industry, but the overall gains haven’t been that good. Today’s volume of trades was 400,923 according to Robinhood. For me, it’s one of those stocks that you can put some money into it and see gains months from now. But more research is need to decide rather it’s a buy.

Out of 6 analyst rating, below are the results:

  • 33.3% say to buy (2 people)
  • 33.3% say to hold (2 people)
  • 33.3% say to sell (2 people)

4) Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE)

The fourth top mover today is Virgin Galactic Holdings. This company manufactures air and space vehicles. This stock has had a gain of +24.77%. In other words, it has went from $16.41 to $19.29 (+$3.57). It is also still a new company which was established in 2017. I feel that this is one of those stocks that can be a good long term hold. Just before the outbreak of Covid-19, the stock was trading at $37.35 per share.

This stock has no analyst rating from Robinhood

5) Bloom Energy (BE)

The last stock on the list is Bloom Energy. This company manufactures the installation of power generators. the stock has only jumped by a dollar today ($6.26 to $7.41), but has had a volume of 4,161,442 trades. In February, the stock had a high of $14.09 per share before everything that is happening now. It has slowly been climbing back up. I would probably pass on buying any shares with BE because it doesn’t strike me as a stock that will ever reach the height it was at in 2018 ($34.08 per share).

But don’t stop me from preventing you on buying BE. Look at what the analyst are saying on Robinhood.

Out of 9 analyst ratings, below are the results:

  • 44% say to buy
  • 56% say to hold
  • 0% say to sell

I know that I do not sound like some professional that will go in depth of all the stocks that I mention above. I only wanted to gather the information I found and present it to my readers with my thoughts on rather I’m going to buy. That’s why I tell you to do more research on topics I talk abut before making any moves based on what I said.

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Stay safe out there, budget your money, and invest what you can. We’re all going to get through this.

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