Start Making Money And Setting Goals In 2020

Today is a new year and it’s time for you to Start Making Money And Setting Goals In 2020. I’m talking to the young adults that dream of having that good career, saving money to travel, or wanting that successful business. The decade is here and it has never been a better time to go out and make dreams a reality. You don’t need to try and settle as a young adult. Make goals, attempt them, learn from failure, and grow as a person. Always be humble and stay focused.

This blog post is going to cover how you should go making money and setting goals in 2020. I will not be selling you a course or an ebook to obtain more information. all of it will be put on this post for everyone to read and get motivated to get up and do something.

Side Note: This post goes for anyone that wants to start the decade off more productive and motivated for a better future. Write your goals down and get to work.

Now let’s get right into it…

Making Money In 2020

Like I said above, the opportunity to make money in this day and age has never been better. In this section, I will help breakdown the ways what other people are doing and have been doing. This information may be new to you or old to you, but it goes to prove my statement.

Side note: I will try to keep it nice and straight to the point so you’re not reading filler sentences.

Selling handmade goods

People create little things for themselves because it’s something that is fun to do or to give away as gifts to family members. Maybe even selling some person to person for a few extra dollars. What you should do is be selling that stuff on a platform like Etsy or creating your own website and doing all the work yourself. Check out the Etsy reddit page to ask questions or read what other sellers are dealing with.

Become a freelancer

Start Making Money And Setting Goals In 2020

If you have a skill like programming, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, A/B testing for ads, and countless other things, then this could be a path for you. You are taking that one thing you’re really good at and helping people or companies for a short amount of time to achieve their goals.

If you don’t have a skill and want to obtain it then go watch YouTube videos, find websites that help you practice (like udemy or codecademy for programming), and find subreddits to strengthen your understanding about that skill.

Below are some statistics for freelancer pay states that the average salary for a freelancer is 798 per week in the United States (base on 1,014 employees). That comes out to $38,304 before taxes. Date published: October 23, 2019. says another. it states that the average salary per year is $50,057 in the United States (based on 36 salaries posted on the website). Date published: December 30, 2019.

Lastly, you can check a more in depth stat from payscale here.

Start your own blog

Start Making Money And Setting Goals In 2020

If you have a passion for wanting to write about something you love or are knowledgeable in, then this could be a route for you to try out. I have grown a passion for personal finance and want to learn about it, so I created this blog to do just that and inform you on what I learn throughout my journey. I will be very transparent with how many people read my post by displaying it and how much i’m making off blogging in post updates. This is to further help motivate you and show how you can make money just by writing blog post from your own home.

Side Note: This website cost me a total of $255 for a full year plus domain. So I am negative $255 and this just motivates me make the return on my investment, become more knowledgeable at personal finance, and pass that on to my readers. Read my first post here


Yes, this is something that you can do to make money but like all dreams, you need to put in the work to make it a reality. You can pursue the route of becoming a professional gamer and competing against other teams like sports teams. The next route is streaming your gameplay to an audience, have sponsorships, donations, and merch to supplement an income. This can be done at any age, but the person should always be responsible in terms of where they’re at in life. for example, do your homework and then stream. get off work, do whatever you have to do and then stream. An audience will grow around a streamers personality or competitiveness. Learn more about streaming and finding others on the Twitch subreddit here.

Side Note: For some reason a lot of people know about reddit and don’t use it. If you’re one of those people, just know that those links are not spam and it has a lot of helpful subreddits that answers questions to problems and etc.

Other Ways Of Making Money

These other ways of making money are what you have probably heard or read a bunch of times and that is YouTube and Dropshipping. I’m not going to give them each a section because you can search dozens of videos on both subjects. With YouTube though, make sure that the content you make now is not just strictly for children because then you won’t be able to make money from monetization. For dropshipping or starting your own shopify store, check out this subreddit here and here

Now onto the second part of this post..

Setting goals

With anything that you want to accomplish in life, it is best to set a goal around it. want to workout and get fit? Write that down on a piece of paper or a google doc and follow it with: How will I do it?, My workout routine?, and make sure that the goal is broken down to make it simple. People are more likely to achieve their goals and be successful when they deal with difficult things in terms of simplicity.

Goal: I want to be accepted for Ezoic. The requirement is 10,000 visitors a month

Breakdown: Post 3 high quality post each week that will rank well.

Breakdown: Do research a day before writing a post and make sure that it will benefit me and my future reader.

and that is a basic example of a goal that I want to accomplish and to make sure that it is simple so that I can achieve each mini goal (2 breakdowns) one at a time.

I hope that this blog post has given you good information and motivated you to Start Making Money And Setting Goals In 2020. I plan to write a lot more on informing future readers about saving money and other personal finance topics. So this might be the only post that involves ways to make money unless I find something new and interesting to write about on that topic.

If you liked this post then please share it with someone else that needs to start taking action. Happy New Years and I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit to accomplish goals in 2020.