Should I Wait To Invest In 2020

Should I Wait To Invest In 2020

With Covid still lingering with no end in sight, the question remains, Should I still wait to invest in 2020? It is a tough decision to make for some but if you ask my opinion, I say do it now. Below are the two reasons that I believe make me feel safe to still invest. If you find this article helpful in any way then consider sending it to a friend that could also benefit.

Long Term Investing

No matter what happens in the stock market, it will always bounce back. Yes when COVID-19 struck, the stock market dropped like crazy. During that little fall a lot of stocks were practically on sale and it was a perfect time to buy in. The only problem was that people stopped going to work and investing in anything was the last thing on people’s mind.

If you were able to invest during that huge drop then that money is starting to grow. I am not saying that you missed out and forget about investing because you still have an opportunity now. What’s best is that Tesla and Apple just had stock splits, so you now have another opportunity to buy big company stocks.

A lot of my family have never invested their personal money into the the stock market and when I talk to them about it becomes a lecture.

Them: “I don’t invest because you can lose all your money”

Me: “SMH…”

The stock market shouldn’t be seen as fearful. Investing for the long term is a huge asset that we can acquire. Investing is not only about day trading and buying options.

Side Note: As of writing this blog post, the stock market has taken a little nose dive. I’m not a professional, but it might be a good time to buy some stocks.

Missing Out On Gains

Yes, the last reason can basically be summed up in the sentence above. To be straight forward, not investing while you’re young will be one of the top regrets that will run through your mind in 40 years.

The reason I say that is because you will meet someone or know of a person that has made a great deal of money investing their money in the stock market long term. You don’t want to be the guy telling that story about someone being smart by starting early.

Imagine if you were able to invest in Amazon or even Tesla when they first went IPO. That investment would have 10x and you would’ve added a huge amount of money towards retirement (of course after being taxed).

Invest Your Money Now

I believe that learning about the power of long term investing and missing out on gains is enough information to answer the question “should I wait to invest in 2020”. There is never a bad time to put your money into the stock market.

Start with just putting in $5 and then add more and more after each paycheck. For me, I am going to start investing $100 into different dividend stocks and ETFs. You’ll be getting paid and watching your money grow long term.

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