How Long Should I Invest In Stocks?

How Long Should I Invest In Stocks?

When it comes to investing your money, the question that aries is “How Long Should I Invest In Stocks?” The reasoning for wanting an answer to this is because we all want to know the benefits are long term. I will talk about why you should sticking at investing until you are old to live off of it. If you find this post helpful then consider sending it to a friend.

Side Note: I am sorry that I have not been writing everyday or every other day. With work and school, I end up putting the blog last and I can only write post at 2am so much until the tiredness catches up to me. This blog is not going to die nor will I give up on it. Learning about personal finance and passing that information on is what I love to do!

Invest For The Long Term

How Long Should I Invest In Stocks? until you can’t anymore.. The reason why I say to always stay consistent is because long term investing is one of many beneficial things to do in order to have a nice financial life. Be that person that is able to get passive income from your dividends every month or annually.

Even if you’re not into investing in stocks then consider a Roth IRA. You want to aim at investing the maximum amount every year because you will be able to live off that 1 million+ tax free after you reach the age of 60.

I know some of you are thinking that “I don’t want to be rich when I’m old” and my rebuttal is that you then need to have a good a** job that pays you a lot to enjoy financial freedom early. Whatever the case is, everyone has the opportunity to create wealth and enjoy it. None of it is going to be easy since it will require hard work and lots of building habits. I say habits because you need to be disciplined at always investing for your future.

Now for all those entrepreneurs out there, I still stand by saying that investing long term will benefit you. Think of it as another income that you can get if you’re buying dividends.

What Should I Invest In?

If you are just starting out and don’t know where to put money to invest then an ETF is the way to go. An ETF has holdings in many other stocks so all you do is buy one share of an ETF and have a little piece of every other company that is in the holdings.

My dividend income for the month of October 2020

The next thing I would do is put some money into Dividend stocks that pay you monthly, quarterly, or annually. One stock that I currently like right now is $DIV. I make about $2 every month that is then reinvested into more shares. Yes I know that $2 is not a lot at all but I barely started getting into dividend stocks last year (I’m late). I think about it in terms of a compound effect. overtime, those reinvestments will only increase and grow the amount I make every month.

My simi-short term goal is to make $1,000 a month in dividends. long term (might sound crazy) is $10,000 a month.


Have a goal in which you want to accomplish long term for investing. I get that overtime that you might have to sell some shares and move money into new shares, but the goal should still remain the same. Invest for the long term.

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