How Can I Save $1,000 Fast

In today’s blog post I am going to help you figure out how to save $1,000 fast. I am not going to talk about scams or buying courses that will show you the secret to saving money really fast. If you find this short post helpful then consider sending it to a friend that will also benefit.

The Job Route

Let’s say that you work for a company in California that pays you bi-weekly at an hourly wage of $13 an hour and you save all of it. Taking taxes into account, you’re actually making $11.18 an hour (according to here). Every two weeks you are bring home $260 and in a month you’ll have saved $520. In 2 months that savings will grow to $1,040 and that goal will be complete.

Now if you do take into consideration about spending money on gas, food, and going out then it will take a little bit longer. If you still have a job right now then saving should be way easier since places are still slowly opening up (take that only into consideration if you don’t have to worry about bills, etc.) The best way to fix over spending your money is budgeting and using it on necessities.

You Got The Stimulus

Yes, This check was given to help families and others that are struggling through this pandemic right now. If you were someone that got the check and are doing fine, then you have just saved the fastest $1,200 that I will talk about in this post (of course uncle sam will come knocking at your door next year). You now have the opportunity to put this money in savings (even though interest rates are okay) or invest into the stock market. Once you have obtain the goal of saving $1,000 now its onto figuring out how to increase it a lot more.

Other Routes

I will tell you right now that there is not a secret to saving money fast. The job route is the best way to go and the stimulus part is only if you got lucky (Ex: not being claimed by your parents). Below are some bullet points on other ways to save $1,000 (mostly common sense/random ways/ Peoples ideas from reddit).

  • Sell stuff you don’t need
  • Flip items for a profit
  • Save your birthday money (aka invite a lot of people)
  • Sell candy at school
  • Uber & Lyft

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