Creative Ways To Save Money In 2021

Creative Ways To Save Money In 2021

In Today’s post, I am going to cover Creative Ways To Save Money In 2021. Almost all the creative ways you see in this post will be from other people that have given their thoughts on the subject. If you want to read about 15 tips on how to save money then click the link here. If you find any useful information in this post then consider sending it to a friend that could also benefit from the reading.

A lot of these creative ways to save money come from mainly Redditor’s that have given their advice. I collected the most interesting and most basic ones into this blog.

  1. Cut the cord- cable is expensive and if you like watching tv just get a fire stick, roku, etc. You can watch everything through that.
  2. Need a tv? Either get an old box tv on the curb or get a projector. Projector are typically 1/10 of the price, easy to move, and a screen bigger than most TVs.
  3. Get a library membership- you can rent video games, dvds, books free internet and much more. No need to buy them.
  4. Wifi- Get a phone with hotspot capability and use your data. It also helps unclutter your mind without constant access to internet.
  5. Cellphone plan- get a prepaid phone (I bought mine for $45) and pay $40/mo for unlimited text, talk and some data. Not sure why people are still using contract phones, to be honest.

APARTMENT (can’t speak for home owners) 6) I live in a an apartment complex with a boiler. So I don’t have to pay for heat or gas. Electric is $20 a month. So do your research on where you live. 7) Insulate all windows and invest in heavy curtains. Goodwill is a great place to shop and you can learn everything on youtube so make them yourself!

FINANCIAL 8) Use a credit union instead of a banks. Interest rates are a lot lower.

HEALTH 9) Eat healthy and workout. Saves so much money in health expenses! Junk food is expensive if you calculate the medical bills. 10) Educate yourself on herbal supplements. Sometimes they’re cheaper than pain meds. Getting sick? Try echinacea. Trouble sleeping? Melantonin. But if you need to take prescribed medicine please do not assume I am an MD. Take what your doctor has prescibed.

VEHICLES 11) I have a hatchback so it has the versatility of a pickup truck but gets gas efficiency of a sedan. I have put a refrigerator, couch, washer, and 6 dogs (at once!) in that car. It’s a beast. 12) Try to learn basic car skills. Youtube videos are great. But checking your oil and filters are great ways to prolong the life of your car. 13) While driving try easing off the accelerator more than hitting the brake. It helps with gas efficiency, slows the wear on your brakes, helps you to pay attention more to the car ahead of you and drives tailgaters crazy!

VACATIONS: 14) It’s a nice mental break when you go on vacation but they can be very expensive. So I find cool places to go within 6 hours of my home and explore my surroundings ( you will be amazed what you can find). Pack a cooler. Sleep in a car, a tent or a cheap airbnb.

CLOTHING 14) Getting low on t-shirts? Start volunteering. I will never need a workout t-shirt from all of my volunteering events. Plus, it’s publicity for whatever you volunteered for. (Source)

Creative Ways To Save Money In 2021

I only use Bing as a search engine because they give you points for each search, and after a few weeks I cash those points in for a $5 credit on Amazon (they have other stores available too). I save up the credits and often get a household item for free using them.

I got into the whole zero waste/low impact movement and cut out our garbage collection bill entirely; we produce about one grocery-size plastic bag of garbage every two months, which my husband just takes to his business to throw out. We do still produce a fair amount of recycling, but that’s free in our area.

We also don’t have heat in the second floor of our house. When we first moved in we thought we’d immediately install it, but I think we’re going to stick with just an occasional space heater to save money. (Source)

Nothing particularly bonkers for me – definitely don’t make my own soap or anything like that. But I (and actually kinda sadistically enjoy) fly on Spirit/Frontier. It’s cool to hate on those airlines, but if I can go cross-country for $50 – that often makes the difference between me being able to swing a trip and not traveling. And for me travel is highly important, so I’ll take Spirit over not going. Just have to play along with a few simple rules — pack light (fit your whole trip into a backpack), take their random seat (in my experience they do a good job of keeping parties together), and bring your own water bottle (empty bottle, fill it up after security). 3 hours of terrible seats later, you’re on vacation, relax. (Source)

  • Learn to cook, its much cheaper than eating out, and rice goes with a TON of things
  • You probably only need one video subscription service (Hulu, Netflix)
  • If you find something at the store you like, take two seconds and price match it to other places and save yourself some money
  • Toothpaste, Shampoo, Cooking Utensils, Candy, and really just typical things you use around the house can all be bought at the dollar store
  • If you have a family, a Costco membership is a wise move
  • If you have a long commute to work, find a credit card with excellent cash back on gas purchases and milk the rewards from that
  • The more you invest, the more growth/dividends you earn, the more money you gain and save over time
  • Before you sign up for a gym membership, starting walking/running everyday and if you can build a routine, THEN spend the money on a membership
  • If you are fortune enough to have two streams of income, make it your mission to live on one and invest the other
  • Use grocery bags as trash bags
  • AirBnB instead of Marriott hotels on vacations (unless your employer is paying, then fuck it, live it up!)
  • A 6-pack from the gas station is about 4x less than 6 beers at the bar
  • Ross and TJ Maxx usually have the brand name clothes you want, but for a lot less
  • Start taking surveys on Mturk from Amazon while you watch TV, that shit adds up fast
  • Almost any type of accessory you buy, whether its for your phone, xbox, tv, car, etc….is usually cheaper on ebay
  • Want to see a new movie? Don’t spend $25 at the movie theater, wait three months and pick it up from redbox for $2
  • Off brand pasta tastes the same as brand name pasta (I still buy kraft though, cause its the shit)
  • Memory foam mattress topper instead of a full-blown memory foam mattress (about $1000 difference) and feels about the same
  • Planned Parenthood usually gives condoms away for free, no need to buy them
  • Check your phone bill, chances are you aren’t even close to the amount of GB you’re paying for, lower that shit
  • If you drink water at restaurants (which is healthy than soda), you bill will be $2-3 cheaper every time
  • If you buy a brand new car and make less than $200k a year, chances are you could’ve bought a used one a couple years older, and you’re an idiot
  • A hike/walk a couple times a week is free, a couple nights a week at the bar can be $100+
  • There is always an opportunity to save more money, you just have to look for it….. (Source)

Eat lower on the food chain. It’s healthier & less expensive. (I’m not saying “go vegan”, but rather “try using meat as an ingredient or seasoning instead of the main course”.)
Find the discount / ding & dent bins at the grocery.
Lots of free entertainment through the library.
Pack lunch; reduce eating out to once or twice a month, as a treat.
Find the discount movie places. Marcus has a $5 Tuesday deal. If you become one of their members, you get a free popcorn & they refund the online purchase fee.
Learn to drive sensibly. No fast starts & hard stops – wastes gas.
Flush for every poop, but every other pee.
Get an adjustable flap for the toilet & set it to adequately handle liquids; hold the handle down a little longer for solids.
As light bulbs burn out, replace them with LEDs. They’re longer-lasting than incandescent or fluorescent, generate very little heat, and give more light for less cost.
Set the thermostat at 60 in winter, 78 in summer (if you have a/c). Learn to wear a sweater & slippers in the house for winter. (Source)

Haven’t bought toiletries in ages because my family and friends collect the little packs they get from hotels and I take them…. also my boyfriends family is rich and always buys way too much shampoo and conditioner so he gives me the extra on the down low. Also I hold on to things for literally ever (shampoo and soap bottles used twice by filling it with water and shaking once empty) cars, phones, clothes, pencils, pretty much every single thing I hold on to and won’t buy new replacements until the old one has fallen apart or literally unusable anymore. I raid free giveaways like its my job. One time outside my grad school the alumni association was giving away free old JHU Alumni merchandise that hadn’t been sold, all I had to do was sign up for their mailing list. Easy sell. They let me take as much as I wanted so I took 10 note pads, I giant box of pens (there were at least 1000 in the box), a water bottle, two coffee travel mugs, a box of table paper, a box of projector paper, a whole bunch of of binder dividers, manilla folders, a tumbler cup w/ straw, and a hat. The hat became a gift to my boyfriend the rest I use regularly. (Source)

Hobbies: I’m into crafting, but that can be expensive. There used to be an art store/gallery that was very into community outreach and getting kids/teens into art activities after school to keep them out of trouble. They collected art supplies from the community year round, just anything that you wanted to donate from fabric to paint, to things like plastic trays and coffee cans. They used this donated stuff for their programs, but they got so much that every summer they held a clean out the basement event. You paid $5, or brought a bag full of craft supplies to donate and then it was a free for all. You could take as much as you wanted and were donating money or supplies to the program. I used to come away with multiple bags of high quality fabric and and paints and canvases and such. They had to close a couple years ago, but they made a good run of it, open for over a decade I believe.

Adventures: We live near enough to Epic headquarters that we can use that as an adventure all by itself! Like many big tech companies (think google), they have a unique work campus. Each building has a different theme and it’s basically like walking around a super cool, often geeky museum. They have packets that are self guided walking tours and you can go on the weekend when the building is basically empty. Since the campus is huge, there’s a lot of options for walking tours and we still haven’t been through them all. All free and takes a couple hours to get through one.

We also have this place called The Dream Bank. It’s run by American Family Insurance basically as a PR campaign. They run a bunch of free programs, like hiring speakers who talk about how to start a business or a blog or how to be a good boss, all stuff related to fulfilling one’s “dream”. They also do programs for kids and they do things like a running club, yoga and Pilates classes, and craft workshops. All free. Awesome place that we definitely take advantage of often.

Since we’re also in a university town, we have access to a bunch of free art and other museums. The university’s geology museum is tiny, but it’s really cool, they have special exhibits and events, and a couple dinosaur bone set-ups.

The university chapter of Slow Food has a “family dinner night” every Monday during the school year. It’s a 3 course meal for $5/person, you can even choose to pay $3 if you feel the cost is prohibitive. It’s not only a great meal, it’s made from scratch from local food sources. It’s a really nice way to “go out” to eat as we’re not really spending money on restaurants currently. Slow Food is international I believe, so there may be things like this in other cities.

Finally, we get a CSA every year. While it’s a big chunk of money at the beginning, the cost works out well for us. It’s all organic, which is not necessary for us, but a nice thing. There’s just the two of us and we eat most vegetables, so there’s plenty of food in the share. We also get a $200 dollar reimbursement from our insurance for buying a CSA. The one we do also offers a dozen eggs every week. During the 21 weeks of the CSA we basically spend next to nothing on groceries. We’re not vegetarians, but we don’t waste money on meat when we have bountiful fresh veggies in the fridge. Basically we buy some milk and cheese and get creative with our pantry supplies and focus our meals on the veggies. With all that, the CSA works out to about 23/week and we might spend another 20/ month max on extraneous groceries during those 21 weeks.

Basically I’m always on the lookout for free things in our city and we happen to have access to some great resources here. (Source)

Set your money out in different envelopes. Some banks will even let you set up little sub accounts for this purpose. Lay out all your bills and make sure there is enough money in each envelope for a bill, for savings, for food etc. Everything else is you put in a final envelope just for you.

Someone recommended to me to keep filling that envelope until I had a thousand dollars (or whatever) and only then buy something. Then I must wait until I refill that envelope before doing it again. (Source)

And that is where I am going to end this post. I know that it was a really long one by a lot of people from all over have Creative Ways To Save Money In 2021 and I hope that I was able to get some good ones. Thank you for supporting The Finance Starter and my journey towards building a profitable blog that will help others in the personal finance space. Don’t forget to send this blog post to a friend that could also benefit from the reading.

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