Blogging Update For January

I’m 5 days late with this blogging update but I will breakdown everything that has happened in month 1 of my blogging journey. For those that are thinking about starting a blog read this whole post because this could be a motivating factor to get you going and starting your own journey to blogging. Below are recent post that you can read after this.

And Just to let you know that there might not be much to talk about because this website is not well established yet.

What is blogging?

Do you know what blogging is? Just kidding. I’m not one of those bloggers will give you definitions upon definitions before getting right to the point. That’s for another time….

How Much Money Did I Make?

In my first month of blogging I have made $0. I know that some people prefer to insert amazon affiliates to start making money early, but that wasn’t on my mind. I am more focused on creating good content for the blog. For february I might insert links to books that I have read and currently reading for people to see. My main goal is to be approved to display advertising through a network like Ezoic, Adsense, or WordAds temporarily (Just to test it out).

Blog Stats

These blog stats are coming from my wordpress dashboard and are not fake (some people really do fake stats).

Financial Blog Stats

The numbers are not great but I am happy that I was able to get 463 views. Below is where my traffic is coming from.

As you can see that I’m trying to make Pinterest my main traffic source because others have said that it can be a huge help to a blog. I have some what of a Facebook following but these visitors are coming from ads (I also did Pinterest ads, but only received 168 clicks).

Below is the countries that my blog traffic is coming from.

Below is my session duration and bounce rate.

Both are not good and need to be worked on. I think that the ads could have factored in to visitors coming and going really fast.

For February my goal is to write 5 new articles and beat 400 visitors to the website. I just want to say thank to everyone that reads the blog and is following along on my journey.