Bitcoin Price From 2009 to 2020

The year is 2009, I don’t know how old you are but Bitcoin was born into existence. Want to guess how much it would’ve cost back then to own some? Well, it was worth nothing! The price of Bitcoin didn’t have a value until a year later.

The Year is 2010

The price of Bitcoin was $0.0008 per coin! it’s hard to even imagine that price of BTC back then. This is also the year when the infamous pizza story happen. A man wanted purchased a two boxes of pizza with 10,000 BTC. I’m pretty sure hearing that story makes you want to go crazy. Want to know how much money that person would have if he had save all of it when it was at its highest?

It would’ve been worth $150,000,000…

The Year is 2016

The price of Bitcoin has been in the range of $400 to $780. In 2013 and 2014, there was some spikes of it reaching to $1,000 but slowly started to drop. I still remember people around me saying that investing in Bitcoin wouldn’t be worth it due to the crazy volatility. I also knew some people that were still buying when they had the money.

The Year is 2017

The price of Bitcoin went from $750 in January all the way up to $19,000 in December. I’m pretty sure a lot of you remember people freaking out on twitter, others trying to buy, and the one that hold ready to cash out. Then a big drop happened and the price of Bitcoin began to fall all the way down to $3,000.

The Year is 2020

The price of Bitcoin currently right now is around $12,000. All these years later and everyone is still wondering if the price of the coin can reach far beyond $19,000 and to (what some call crazy) $100,000. I am not going to give an estimate on what I think the price will be in the coming months because with crypto you just don’t know. The only thing that I could most definitely see is the price dropping a lot again.

How Much Do I own?

I have never really focused on putting my money into Bitcoin and barley decided that I would put a little bit of money into the coin. On Robinhood, I have a quantity of 0.01341501 Bitcoin. That is equal to $161.99 (as of right now). Overall, I have made a total return of $18.

Who Owns The Most Bitcoin

according to my research of Googling the question, it states that Satoshi Nakamoto (supposedly the creator of Bitcoin) owns 1.1 million. Right now that is equal to 13,085,160,000.

I wanted to write about this because Bitcoin is now starting to slowly rise and it’s interesting to look back on the history of it. How much do you think Bitcoin can rise? and How much do you own? I am going to leave the comment section open for anyone to answer the questions above.

Thanks for supporting The Finance Starter and reading everything that I write about. I am going to start writing about my option trades and how much that I am making. stay tune for that!

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