6 Tips That Will Help New Startups

In this blog post you will read the 6 tips that will help new startups that are motivated to put in the work. These tips are coming from a redditor that has a lot of experience as a entrepreneur and wants to give advice to others that are barely starting. This will be the first post in the category Tips, so at the end of these post you will just click on the hashtag to only read post like this. My next post will be my Month 1 Review of this website and what i’m doing. Stay tuned for that.

Besides that, let’s begin..

The Redditor that wrote this post gave a little background below.

” I am much older ( 28 ) & I own close to 800 SaaS companies, They vary from consumer-based platforms to b2b platforms. Our HQ is in Dallas, TX with an extension of it in Romania.”

He has also been featured in various news medias like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.

Below are the 6 tips that this Redditor provided and I take no credit from it. I will highlight my advice after each tip if I want to add to it.

6 Tips That Will Help New Startups

1) Build An Email List

“I will take 100 people’s email over 10K “fans” on FB any given day. You need to start building your email list early. This will be your biggest asset and “atm machine”
Currently, I have 2.4 M email subscribers all across. It took me over 9 years to build it & I have spent a massive amount of money & time into it. It can be done for free too but you just have to go through loops & hoops. To start, you can use Aweber, Constant Contact etc, but you gotta have your Lead Opt-in game from DAY 1.”

In any type of business that you are trying to create, having an email list will build loyal customers. This is because if you have a sale or just posted a new blog post you can send an email to all the people that are signed up and get traffic instantly. I agree that email can be a big help for my blog, but I’m not going to be doing those pop ups that try to force you to sign up. If you feel like you want to get email update and follow this blogs journey then it will be on the right side of each post next to blog stats.

2) Get Feedback

“Get real customer’s feedback and implement them. You do have to know what will make an impact and what will not. Go talk to people who give you the MOST business. A lot of new startup owners get offended when they hear a negative thing about their product…. Cool down. It’s your chance to fix it.”

I absolutely agree with this tip. You need to look at feedback as a big motivator to make you perfect your product, service, or blog. The feedback will help you see certain weaknesses that you might skip over because your focus could be somewhere else at the moment.

3) Split Test

“If you doubt something, you should split test it. Pricing ( maybe people are more likely to pay higher prices than the one you set? ) Maybe your headline is not grabbing attention?
Google Optimize does a good job of this.”

There is nothing I could add to this tip. It’s a straight to the point type of tip.

4) Hire A Copywriter

“Words sell. Hire a reputable copywriter for all your ads, site etc. ( Look into long-form sales copy, most don’t like it but I have made millions using long-form copy )”

I feel that when you’re barely starting out without much money then you are going to be the person doing everything. I am building my social presence, writing blog post, testing ads, etc. When you get to the point of wanting to create a team around you business, find people that are really good at areas you lack. This is how you build a successful team.

5) Focus On PPC

“I have many businesses that rank well with blogs and I get traffic but I rarely waste time with SEO, just pay up the money on PPC ads or find creative ways to generate leads.”

This tip can be debated by others that say you can do just as well doing SEO to rank in Google. PPC is something you should try while using SEO. The paid leads can come and go really fast and with the help of SEO you will get more leads for free.

6) Know when to quite

“Don’t waste time & money if you know it’s not going to work out. There are other startups waiting to be found, but of course, as a good entrepreneur, you will validate your idea prior to giving it your 100%”

It is hard when you put in a lot of hours into something for months or years and nothing seems to change. The honest truth is that thing you’re doing just might not be a winner and you need to accept that early on. Set mini goals for your business and hit them. if no traction seems to be happening then that could be a sign. I get that you have faith and know that your idea will be super successful, but that only you saying that. This is why early feedback will help validate your idea.

Thanks for reading this post on 6 Tips That Will Help New Startups. I will always be blogging about personal finance (because that why I created the blog in the first place), but I will be also post about tips and success stories from others on their entrepreneurial journey. I want to have some variety for my readers to see that is interesting.

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