20 Money Saving Tips To Help You

20 Money Saving Tips To Help You

Today’s blog post is going to cover a list of 20 money saving tips to help you so that you can implement when trying to save. Personal finance is an area that young adults need to be exposed to heavily early on. You want to be able to build habits of wanting to save money and cutting out unnecessary wants. If you find this post helpful then consider sending it to a friend.

I also want to let you know that these 20 tips are not secrets ways that no one has ever talked about. If you read my post and countless others, you will see that what I say will be similar to others. I look at it as a good thing because you reading my tips and other blogs tips will create a reinforcement and stick with you.

So again, I am not a guru…

Money Saving Tips

  1. Download an app called Mint
  2. Open a high interest yield savings account
  3. Download Honey to save money on online purchases (not sponsored)
  4. Download Groupon to find deals for a variety of things
  5. Download RetailMeNot to find deals while shopping (like Honey)
  6. Download Expedia to find deals on travel (Groupon does the same)
  7. When buying an item online, copy and paste the name into google to see if another website is selling it cheaper
  8. If you’re a college student, use all the deals like Apple Music for $5 a month and Amazon prime for only $50 a year. The app is called Unidays
  9. Download offerUp to find items for your kids (or yourself) so that you avoid paying full price
  10. Cancel cable subscriptions and saving with online ones like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc.
  11. Apply the 30 day rule when wanting to do big purchases (wait 30 days to buy the item you really want)
  12. Eat out less and only do when you have gift cards
  13. use apps like Ebates to get cashback on purchases (research other apps that do the same)
  14. Work? Make your lunch and avoid buying food (this is a tough one)
  15. Try to buy items that you need in bulk
  16. Go extreme and spend none of your paycheck for a whole month
  17. Fill your gas tank all the way up and don’t be the $5 a day type of person
  18. Make sure to invest your money long term in apps like Acorns or Robinhood
  19. Make your own coffee (Shout out to Graham Stephan)
  20. Search up more savings tips and then compile your own list that you find to be the most helpful

And there you have it! 20 money saving tips to help you that you can start implementing in your life. If you are a 18-20 years old reading this then please take advantage of your youth and start your personal finance journey early! You will not regret it and not have to worry about money problems that everyone faces daily. Send this post to a friend that will benefit from reading this list.

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